What’s the Use?

Greece, a popular tourist destination, is full of numerous ancient structures that have been around for centuries. What is the purpose of these buildings? How have their uses changed as the people living near them have changed? Take a journey with me back in time and I’ll show you.     Citations: 1. “Odeon of Herodes Atticus.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 June 2018, en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odeon_of_Herodes_Atticus. 2. … Continue reading What’s the Use?

A Cat’s Diary in Ancient Greece

This is my first trip outside of the United States. I knew it would be rough not only to leave my family, but also my five cats. When I saw how many cats there were in Athens and Santorini, I fell in love. My visual narrative displays what I love the most: cats and Greek mythology. My writing takes place in 430 BC in the … Continue reading A Cat’s Diary in Ancient Greece