Up Close & Personal: Rock Edition

For the last week, I’ve been outside under the Santorini sun drawing and describing the post Minoan eruption stratigraphy of the island from different localities. I’ve been attempting to find answers to the history of the island’s geography through the rocks. And these rocks are so easily taken for granted, sitting while hundreds of tourists walk by unfazed by the stories they could tell. But that’s why I’m here. My purpose in coming to Santorini was to study the geology and write about what I learn. It’s my goal to share my knowledge and translate the more advanced topics of geology to layman’s terms so those reading can understand the work I’ve completed.

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The Colors of Santorini

We have been in Santorini for a total of 20 days, 480 hours, learning about the Santorini Volcano by day and dancing the night away. As our trip comes to an end, my mind is racing. Thinking about our first days in the field, creating stratigraphic columns with the sun beaming down on us and the sweat dripping down our faces. To our last field day roaming the Aegean Sea, traveling to Nea Kameni, and looking down into a dark-black hole, known as the drop-off of the caldera. I started to realize that I have been so focused on all the interior geological aspects that has made Santorini what it is today, that I haven’t had time to take in the exterior beauty of the island. I took a step back, closed my eyes, and let the views of Santorini wash over my body, getting the chills as I think of everywhere we’ve been. We have explored and hiked through a great amount of this island and it was filled with the most unique and breathtaking colors that you would have to see with your own eyes to get the feeling that I had. Continue reading “The Colors of Santorini”

Stratigraphic Columns and How to Keep Your Cool


Before going into the field my fellow classmates of 10 and myself received a lesson on stratigraphic columns and how to create one out of an outcrop. Needless to say I was an expert after this one lesson and fairly confident in my capability to rock this. We strut out into the field with our day packs, field notebook and ipads ready to show this massive collection of rocks who’s boss. Well, little did I know that was not me.

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An English Major’s Guide to Stratigraphic Columns

I’m at the base of the Fira Quarry, staring up at 20+ meters of pumice and ash from the Minoan eruption. All I see is the grey and tan hue of the outcrop towering over me. It is a sight to behold, but it means nothing to me. I don’t see patterns, or clues, or any indication of how the rocks got there. I may be staring, but I’m certainly not seeing anything.
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