A Storm’s a Brewin’

It’s Monday, November 30th, 2015, 11:30 am. Today is the day I will be learning about a topic I have anticipated since the beginning of Geologic Disasters. I will be learning all about rivers and flooding! Sitting in class I hear moans and groans about this. A lesson that seems so tedious and dull to my classmates was actually fascinating and thrilling to myself. I was finally going to learn about a topic I could personally connect with.

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Volcanic Weather: A Storm of its Own

When I think about volcanic eruptions, I picture overbearing darkness, flowing lava, falling ash and shaking ground. What I don’t picture is a volcano creating its own weather. However unlikely it may seem, this phenomena holds true for the Minoan eruption here on Santorini. During the Minoan eruption, volcanic weather may have helped shape deposits as well as creating other hazards associated with volcanic eruptions.

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