Pockets Full of Rocks

This is a story about a young woman whose deeply bedded passion for geology led her on a journey of a lifetime. All her life she’s held an interest for rocks. Perhaps this is because her mother had a business called, Nature’s Treasure Chest, where she would sell agates, rocks, jewelry made out of crystals, and even clocks. Ah, yes, this little girl loved looking at rocks but she didn’t know much about them. Still she collected all the rocks she could at the beach, the lake, and even in parking lots from the planters. At first her parents thought it was cute until soon everything was filled with rocks! What they didn’t know was their little rock collector would find her way to Santorini, Greece collecting more rocks. Cape Mavropetra, Santorini is the place where she’d be. The beach littered with all the rock types seen throughout Santorini. Why is this? Keep reading and you’ll find out! Continue reading “Pockets Full of Rocks”

Field Notes for the First Time

Most people in college sit in a lecture hall and take notes from a powerpoint with their notebook on a desk, and for me, gaze out the windows wishing to be outside. Taking notes here in Santorini is much different, we’re outside, in the heat, with a handy field pack on our back and our cherished field notebook in our hand. Field notebooks are a geologist’s most prized possession and contain loads of information within their pages. I came into the NAU in Greece program with only taking one geology class and I had no experience with field notes. I will show what it is like to take field notes for the first time, and how to make good descriptions without ever doing them before for the ultimate souvenir. Continue reading “Field Notes for the First Time”