Mass Wasting on Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful island full of spectacular and amazing views; having been able to experience all the views that it had to offer has been incredible. The last in-depth look at the island came on boat day, this was the day that we got to go all around the island and look at the formations made by the volcanoes. Even at the port before we took off there was a beautiful mountain above us made out of scoria that was a brick like color. When looking at these you just see that they are beautiful and magnificent, but they are also fragile and can fall victims to mass wasting. Continue reading “Mass Wasting on Santorini”

Life on the Edge of a Caldera Rim

Living life on the edge is not always just a metaphor. The people of Santorini take this saying to a whole new level as their cities are built upon the caldera rim. This provides for some amazing views and stunning landscapes but it is also subject to devastating mass wasting. A resistant metamorphic rock at the base of stacks of volcanic rocks creates an intense slip surface. These mass wasting events take place and will continue to occur because of the specific type of volcanic rock and their locations throughout the island.
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