Athens: The Two-Sided City [Tourist Perceptions VS. Local Reality]

Athens, Greece is known far and wide for its tourist attractions, these attractions ranging from its entrancing sights from atop the Acropolis to the ancient Grecian  architecture preserved in the city today.  This is the part of the city that people from around the world come to witness for themselves. What many tourists don’t expect to see is the graffiti. At my arrival, I witnessed … Continue reading Athens: The Two-Sided City [Tourist Perceptions VS. Local Reality]

What’s the Use?

Greece, a popular tourist destination, is full of numerous ancient structures that have been around for centuries. What is the purpose of these buildings? How have their uses changed as the people living near them have changed? Take a journey with me back in time and I’ll show you.     Citations: 1. “Odeon of Herodes Atticus.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 June 2018, 2. … Continue reading What’s the Use?

Greece’s Money Pit

Since 2010, Greece has been suffering from an ongoing economic crisis consisting of crippling debt. However, this has not stopped the extensive restoration efforts at the Acropolis. How did this continuous “money pit” come to be and how exactly is it impacting the Greek State? Sources for further reading: 1.) “Healing the Parthenon: Inside the Mammoth Restoration Project.” Greece Is, 26 Sept. 2017, 2.)  … Continue reading Greece’s Money Pit

A Cat’s Diary in Ancient Greece

This is my first trip outside of the United States. I knew it would be rough not only to leave my family, but also my five cats. When I saw how many cats there were in Athens and Santorini, I fell in love. My visual narrative displays what I love the most: cats and Greek mythology. My writing takes place in 430 BC in the … Continue reading A Cat’s Diary in Ancient Greece

The Peculiar Placement of Athens Acropolis

The Acropolis in Athens sits high above the city on a peculiar limestone mound. The Acropolis has had many uses since its installment: it provided a vantage point for defending the city, and fresh water springs around the base of the mound provided a place to wash and bathe. But most importantly, because of the immense size of the towering limestone outcrop, the Acropolis sat … Continue reading The Peculiar Placement of Athens Acropolis

Rocky Heights: Sacred Land and Geology meet in Athens

I step off the marble curb of my hostel into the quiet streets of Plaka in Athens, Greece, and I am alone for a just a moment. The same grey and black cobblestone streets that were alive with the energy of tourists and vendors only hours before are now quiet. Once bright pastel buildings have been dulled by the sun’s rays. Their shutters hang askew, and clothes lines overhang the narrow streets like banners stretched between buildings. Next door, an old man sweeps the streets outside the Taverna with its red and white checkered table cloths. Continue reading “Rocky Heights: Sacred Land and Geology meet in Athens”

What lies beneath the Acropolis?

Growing up as the oddball of the family, I found comfort in reading.. reading and learning about history. The things of the past and how they differentiate from how things are today. On the very first day we spent in Athens, we walked up the three thousand year old pathway to the Acropolis, the very same pathway that the Athenians of Classical Greece took. At first glance I saw this piece of history, from the marble columns to the Porch of Maidens and I was amazed that people of the past without the technology that we have today built these things with such precise and critical thinking.

Continue reading “What lies beneath the Acropolis?”