To be or not to be a caveman…

Imagine for a brief moment how it would be to live or work in a cave type setting, do you think you would like it? You may think caves were mainly used by our prehistoric ansectors, but cave houses were the main source of shelter in Santorini after the 1956 earthquake hit the island. (For more information on the 1956  earthquake reference my 2nd blog The tragic events following the 1956 earthquake). Today, there are still a good amount of structures built into caves, and they are all around the island.

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The tragic events following the 1956 earthquake

The year was 1956 when a family of seven children and their two parents were sailing on a boat in the Aegean Sea. The boat capsized in the caldera under Oia, Santorini. The seven children some how survived, but the parents unfortunately did not. There is now a church in the spot where this tragedy happened (Figure 1). The capsizing is thought to be from a tsunami that was triggered after an earthquake.

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Imagining the past while walking through the present 

Imagining the past when walking through the present can be a challenging but inspiring learning experience. Being in a city that has a history that goes back thousands of years will have a lot to tell. Learning from the past is the best way to have a better present and future. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Three main … Continue reading Imagining the past while walking through the present