Shaping the Landscape: A Topographical Change

When I think of topography, carved valleys, steep mountain slopes and flat plateaus come to my mind. It is the anatomy of the land and it can be used to enlighten anyone who may be inspired to further understand their surroundings. Lisa, my teacher calls this further comprehension of the land ‘spacial awareness’. I remember her saying, “You guys HAVE To HAVE TO understand where we travel on Santorini by map or you won’t learn anything!”. I am a land wanderer by nature so topography has been my hobby for a while. I like to study maps of where I have been and paste the stored memories of what I saw and experience into the contour lines of the canvas across my lap. What if I was a Minoan island goer from 1700 BC and Santorini was the land so familiar to me I called it home? Now what would my thoughts of my home be after the cataclysmic volcanic eruption of Santorini gave the land a major face-lift?  Continue reading “Shaping the Landscape: A Topographical Change”

Santorini Isn’t Alone

Just a couple months ago, I had no idea that the sea of Greece was home to a caldera much like the ones that I learned about in my introductory geology course the first semester of my time at Northern Arizona University. I have realized that many of the geological processes in the world have been left in the shadows and ignored. Traveling across the Atlantic ocean to Santorini, I have began to broaden my understanding of the forces of earth in this part of the world. As inspiration goes, I have been drawn further in my curiosity to wonder: Is Santorini, the floating volcano in the Aegean Sea, not alone?

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