Around the World

Imagine what the Minoans saw if they ever tried to come back to their beloved island a couple of weeks after the eruption. There would have been ash everywhere, ash that would have been too hot to walk on. The whole ocean would have had a layer of pumice floating on it, which would have prevented the Minoans from visiting their home. The whole landscape changed dramatically, and would have been unrecognizable. The Minoans probably turned right around when they saw this. (Read Katie’s last blog to learn about why they left). I always like to imagine what their reactions would have been when they saw what happened. Maybe they didn’t know what even happened in the first place? Maybe they had an idea, and knew it was a smart idea never to return? Whatever did happen, the effects of the Minoan eruption intrigue me. Studying the volcano eruption is like the climax of the story, and researching the global effects is the ending. Continue reading “Around the World”

The River Before The Chaos

At first, I don’t see it. I look up and down the massive outcrop of pumice, ash, and lithic fragments that were launched from the volcanic vent during the Minoan eruption over the years and I still don’t see it. It wasn’t until my partner, Ray, pointed it out that I finally notice it: an odd, cluster of rocks that don’t match the rest. Lisa, our instructor, wanted us to try to figure it out before she told us the story behind the rocks. She left my partner and I to think about it while we started our stratigraphic section.

picture for blog post 2
Left Picture: Whole outcrop. Right Picture: Zoomed in picture of unknown rock.

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All About That Base, No Pillars

As I walk up the last steps of the Acropolis, I stop and admire the beauty and grandness of it all. I do not take any photos at first. Instead, I marvel at all of the detail and imagine of all the extensive labor that must have been put into building this city. Every direction I turn has an astonishingly exquisite temple with a story behind it. I can envision the workers pouring their dedication into these temples, knowing that they used manual labor instead of technology. I can conceptualize what the Parthenon may have looked like before it started to deteriorate. I then started to wonder about every single detail of the Acropolis, from the base of it to its location, which is what made me want to research into it.

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