Cross-Cutting for Kids: It’s Safer than you Think

Before taking GLG112 (Geological Disasters) two semesters ago, I had not learned about geology in a class since seventh grade. I had totally lost interest in the physical sciences. I took GLG112 because it was suggested to me by my advisor to make up for having almost no physical sciences in my transcript. So I took Lisa’s lecture class and it sparked an interest in me. For the first time in a long time, rocks and geology were actually interesting again. That’s the power of a good teacher, they ignite a curioisity in you that you did not know was there. I share the same dream as most teaching students of being the favorite cool teacher and for my last blog post I wanted to combine some of the geology I have learned with teaching.

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Defcon 0

You know how sometimes people will refer to a serious or dire situation as Defcon 5, or even 6 if they’re really dramatic? Well recently when I was watching the 1983 film War Games, I learned that Defcon 5 is actually the least severe alert and Defcon 1 is the most. For the Minoans, phase 0 would have been Defcon 0. Now I’m being dramatic, but not that much because phase 0, amongst a few other signs, warned the Minoans that if they did not leave Ancient Akroteri they would all perish in the massive explosion of the caldera.

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Game of Gods

Who among us has not at some point been interested in mythology? The stories? The drama? The art? Ever since I was little I have loved mythology. Was it because Hercules was the first movie I ever saw in movie theaters? Maybe. But the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece have been captivating people for centuries because of their elaborate and dramatic backstories and lives. It’s rare to find a collection of stories so complex and rooted in such spectacular architecture, sculptures, and history.

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