Education vs. Geology: The Magmatic Smackdown

When I first met with Lisa about coming on this trip, one of the first questions I asked her was “Are education majors allowed to come?”. I was worried that I would not be able to go because I am not a geology major, yet I enjoy it just as much. She said of course education majors can come on the trip and that was music to my ears.  Continue reading “Education vs. Geology: The Magmatic Smackdown”

Ballistic Blocks, Steam Explosions, and Turbulent Flows?

From the point of view of a fictional Minoan character-

Sitting in our boats, miles from home, I look back to where we came from. I see my beloved island sitting on the horizon as life as I know it dissappeared. Everything happened so fast these past couple days that the events are starting to blur together into a swarm of panic, packing, and leaving. I yearn to go back to my beloved Santorini, back to before my life was interrupted by the ominous signs of our once-peaceful volcano…

Continue reading “Ballistic Blocks, Steam Explosions, and Turbulent Flows?”

Pentellic Marble: A Monumental Metamorphosis 

Walking around the Acropolis Museum, only one word came to mind: candescent. Surrounding me, and throughout the whole museum, was the most beautiful white marble you could ever imagine. It gleamed bright white and nearly flawless in the sunlight and I honestly felt like I could have been standing right next to Hercules himself. For my whole life I’ve been enraptured by history and the Earth, and the Acropolis is a perfect example of where those two meet for everyone to experience. As I walked around the museum taking in all the incredible stone work and intricate details, my mind kept wandering to the story of the beautiful marble that was used to build one of the most famous monuments in history.  Continue reading “Pentellic Marble: A Monumental Metamorphosis “