Shake what Mama Earth Gave You

This week, the class took a 6 hour trip around the archipelago to hike the still active Nea Kameni volcano and observe the caldera rim up close. Also known as “Boat Day”, it was the climax of our 3 week visit to Santorini. I had never been on a small boat before, therefore I had no idea of how to move around the very turbulent vessel, nor whether I’m prone to sea sickness or not. Thankfully I gained my sea legs and enjoyed the excursion like it was an amusement park ride. The way the boat swayed under my feet and the balance I had to struggle to find reminded me of being in an earthquake. Continue reading “Shake what Mama Earth Gave You”

Save the Date

This week, we drew countless outcrops of rocks, ate a concerning amount of gyros, and were lucky enough to tour the ancient city of Akrotiri. Akrotiri is a Minoan metropolis destroyed, yet perfectly preserved, by the most recent caldera eruption. Much like Pompeii, the whole city was engulfed in smoldering ash and pumice, leaving it exactly the way it was over 3600 years ago. But how do we know when these prehistoric events occurred when calendar years were not recorded, let alone conceptualized? The answer is radiocarbon dating.

Continue reading “Save the Date”

Black Pebble Beaches of Santorini

At first glance, Santorini is a picturesque pastel paradise. White Cycladic buildings, churches with domes as brilliantly blue as the sea they overlook, even the thick pumice cliffs give the island its blissful ambiance. It has been a week since arriving on this angelic island, and we have swam in the ocean almost every day. This, being from Arizona, has been a much needed godsend, but the view was not at all what I was expecting.¬†Unlike the pearly cities, the beaches we have visited are bejeweled with black porous pebbles. Continue reading “Black Pebble Beaches of Santorini”