The Future of Santorini

Now that we have looked at some rocks in the area, and have studied the Minoan eruption, what comes next? What lies ahead for Santorini? The past two days our class has had the pleasure of learning from a very well known geologist, who came and spent time with our class. His name was  Dr. Georges vougioukalakis, yesterday he pointed out different formations in the cliffs of the caldera wall we were passing as we road by on a boat. He walked us through the different stages of the eruption and the construction of this island in its pieces. Then he proceeded to tell us about how they monitor the volcano now and, what to expect in the years to come regarding the Santorini caldera volcano and its future. I found the way he was able to calculate his estimations for the eruptions to come fascinating. Using small computers, and big equations, he was able to forecast the future. Continue reading “The Future of Santorini”

The Grand Finale 

During my time here in Santorini I have done a lot of thinking. Thinking about life, volcanoes, and most of all trying to wrap my head around the earth that I am standing on. I have found a spot of my own here, it is off a beaten path, where no one goes and it has incredible view of the Kameni shield volcanoes. I have sat there for hours just trying to imagine the transitions and the magnificent power behind the construction of Santorini. There were many processes and five phases that have contributed to building this beautiful island, but the final phase, also known as phase four, and the phase I will be focusing on in this paper was catastrophic, the exit of this eruption was nothing short of grand.

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Painting With Minerals 

I see artists as true innovators and inventors, people with creative minds and free spirits. To create something that can move people to tears or to a revolution. The evolution of art has changed throughout the eras, but the creativity and rigidness behind it hasn’t. I can remember when I was younger, coming home to my mom standing over our stove making dye from cochineal bugs. It was a vibrant red color. She would use this to dye shirts, or an art piece in technical patterns and designs. When walking through the Acropolis museum, a display of colorful minerals popped out against the white backdrop of statues and marble walls; it explained how the Ancient Greeks used different colored minerals to paint a world of amazing structures and statues.


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