Until Next Time…

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do something so unique that I hope to never forget. I have spent these past three weeks on the most beautiful volcanic island wondering how the active part of the volcano, Nea Kameni, was formed. My journey to learn more about Nea Kameni began at 9 in the morning when the class met outside of Lisa’s room to drive to Oia. Everyone was slightly grumpy from the early time but there was a buzz in the air from everyone’s excitement. It was FINALLY boat day. Boat day, in my opinion, is the most hyped up and exciting day of the whole trip. From getting to spend 6 hours on a boat on the open water, to walking on an active volcano, it was easily the best and most eye opening day of the trip.

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The Ultimate Collapse

I started out my day sweating more than I would like, staring up at a large wall of rocks. It was weird because I never thought I would be doing that, let alone in Santorini. The sun was sweltering hot, sweat was dripping from every part of my body, and I could feel the stinging of my burning skin. Against my instinct I turned my body away from the beautiful crystal blue water crashing against the rocks under my feet. I sat uncomfortably with my feet and legs falling asleep on the hot rocks. We were learning about part of phase 4 of the Minoan eruption at Cape Mavropetra.

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The beginning, middle, and no end in sight.

Our first day of class on Santorini was nerve wracking for me. I had no clue what information Professor Skinner would be telling us, how fast paced the class would be, or what knowledge I would have to remember from when I took Geologic Disasters two semesters ago. It helped to see that everyone was in the same position I was in, all nerves with a slight bit of excitement for the unknown information.

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