A Period of Unrest? About What?

“Is it safe for me to live on this island? Do I have time to sell my house?” Irini, a local worker in a shop of handmade goods, inquired to me and a classmate of mine after we told her our purpose for being on this island for three weeks. We assured her that she was fine for a long while, but there is no denying that Santorini is an island of unrest. Volcanic unrest, that is. There is so much volcanic activity within the caldera that there was a period of crisis that occurred between for fourteen months from the years 2011 to 2012. Here is the interesting part: a majority of inhabitants on Santorini don’t even know why this period was considered a crisis.

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A Geologic Lesson for the Little Ones

Sharing one’s knowledge with others is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give. Being a young, aspiring teacher, I especially advocate this idea. The whole reason why my group and I are on this incredible journey in Santorini is to come back to the United States and share our geologic knowledge of what we have all learned and discovered about the Minoan eruption of Santorini that occurred thousands of years ago.
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The Minerals That Paint Santorini, and Their Vitality

Have you ever made your own paint before? What about having to mine it in order to make it? Santorinians created their fresco paints out of the minerals that their island withheld, and the results of those frescoes are quite a sight to be seen. Because of these minerals, past Akroteri artists of Santorini have had the opportunity to make some of the finest, most … Continue reading The Minerals That Paint Santorini, and Their Vitality