The Dangers of Paradise

Pure white buildings cascade the small island. The blues domes of churches shine royal blue just as the ocean does reflecting the sun’s rays back to itself. Shoes are filled with a blend black, red and white sands from tracing foot prints into beaches. Streets are lined with cobble stones, stores crowd the pathway, smells of roasting meat and fresh baked pastries waft from restaurants. Cruise ships bring sunburnt beings, selfie sticks, and the clap of feet to enjoy gyros, Zorba music and unforgettable sunsets. This is Santorini.

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Cut scene: Phase 0


In most horror films there is a warning scene right before everything goes down hill. You sit on the edge of your seat and shout at the group not to go into the basement for there is disaster lurking below. However, it is the characters’ decision whether to investigate the noise or get out as fast a possible. In the case of the Minoan eruption the earthquakes and phase 0 are the warning scene. In most horror or thriller films the main character walks toward the impending threat. However this is not the fate for the Minoans, or so we believe.

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Stratigraphic Columns and How to Keep Your Cool


Before going into the field my fellow classmates of 10 and myself received a lesson on stratigraphic columns and how to create one out of an outcrop. Needless to say I was an expert after this one lesson and fairly confident in my capability to rock this. We strut out into the field with our day packs, field notebook and ipads ready to show this massive collection of rocks who’s boss. Well, little did I know that was not me.

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