Mass Wasting on Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful island full of spectacular and amazing views; having been able to experience all the views that it had to offer has been incredible. The last in-depth look at the island came on boat day, this was the day that we got to go all around the island and look at the formations made by the volcanoes. Even at the port before we took off there was a beautiful mountain above us made out of scoria that was a brick like color. When looking at these you just see that they are beautiful and magnificent, but they are also fragile and can fall victims to mass wasting. Continue reading “Mass Wasting on Santorini”

Akrotiri and the Preservation of its Pottery

Learning about the geological past and human history is something that has always intrigued me. To look at an object or place that is from a time period different than our own is remarkable. To have the opportunity to witness such a landmark has been truly wonderful. I can remember distinctly the feeling I got when I realized that we would be visiting Akrotiri. I was excited and full of questions. Walking into the excavation site and seeing the city¬† transported me back in time 3,600 years. You see an arrangement of 1, 2, and 3-story buildings and can visualize what they were used for and how tall the city would have stood in its prime time. Looking at Akrotiri, you see the amazing way that all the items especially pottery have been preserved.¬† Continue reading “Akrotiri and the Preservation of its Pottery”

Santorini from the Beginning

Here I am for the first time out of the country staring up at the biggest boat I have seen. Getting on the boat I was excited to get to our destination, but also to look out into the ocean and take in as much as possible. When i got to the top of the boat and saw the ocean, I could visualize the journey I was about to embark on. Once the ferry started and we got out into the ocean I could smell the cool ocean breeze and feel the chill. The water was the bluest I had ever seen and the calmest. This journey on the ferry was not only my way of getting to the island but it also served as my classroom. Abroad I got to learn about the start of Santorini. This was probably one of the only times where I got a scenery when learning. As we got closer to our destination my excitement grew and when I finally saw the caldera it was breathtaking and reminded me of why I wanted to join this program. The mixture of both being exposed to the history and looking at some of the past materials and seeing how magnificent this island is formed, was just what caught my attention.

Continue reading “Santorini from the Beginning”