Wake Me Up: Creating A Geologist

Hiking 9.5 million year old metamorphic rocks, snorkeling at the edge of the caldera shelf, and cliff jumping from Spartan ruins wakes you up, but it pales in comparison to the intense brain blasts NAU in Greece has generated. It has tied everything I previously learned into three big, life-altering weeks. Through each geology course I have taken, I studied the processes driving volcanic creations and eruptions and how they are ultimately dictated by their magmatic properties; NAU in Greece took all my university knowledge and threw it at the Santorini Volcanic Complex to create my deepest understanding of volcanic properties thus far. Continue reading “Wake Me Up: Creating A Geologist”

Akroteri’s Destruction was its Salvation

The destruction and corruption of ancient wonders have always felt like an arrow through my heart. The fabled wonder of the Library at Alexandra, dedicated to the Muses and center to the scholars of the world, was ransacked and burned in one of the most symbolic destructions of cultural knowledge. The historic tombs, crypts, and pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians, with artistic renderings and loving gifts to the dead, were raided by grave robbers who gave no regard to the cultural location’s sanctity. I hold grudges against people’s wanton carnage of anything historical, yet standing at the doorway to the excavation of Ancient Akroteri exposed me to a new perspective of ruins created by Mother Nature. Continue reading “Akroteri’s Destruction was its Salvation”

Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble

Going to Santorini and staying near the cliffside of the caldera rim results in a special experience of the volcano. Each time I look out at the ocean, the new volcano in the center of the caldera is the central point to the most spectacular view I have ever seen. As a budding young geologist, I am in awe of how close I am to an active resurgent shield amidst a volcanic complex with such a rich history. I am excited to not only learn about the history but to track the emergence and construction of Santorini’s new volcanic field.

Continue reading “Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble”