Rumble and Tumble of the landslides on Santorini

Welcome to my blog on landslides, where I will inform you on how and why these hazards happen. I am a college student attending Northern Arizona University, going on a journey to Santorini Greece to study a caldera volcano .
Where I have a highlighted line is called a trench in the Aegean Sea. This is where two broken pieces of crust, also called plates collide and one moves under the other. And as the plate is pushed under the other plate an earthquake occurs! With the shake of the earthquake loose rocks that are not well formed will be tumbling down. For more information on the earthquake process look at Emily’s blog on earthquakes.
With the scale of the sign in the right hand side the sizing comes to shows how massive these landslides can become. With this photo in particular the rocks can vary in size, where they can be grains of sand and or large cobbles. All of these rocks were loosely combined on the walls so one good earthquake and send them down the hill.
Unfortunately at Red Beach there are now a total of 5 landslides that have affected the area. And from the looks of the walls that are still intact there is bound to be another landslide from that area.
Not just on Red Beach but along the coast of Santorini there are risks, and probable risks of landslides on this island. From the photo which is located on the Akrotiri peninsula these rocks are on the verge of falling with one more earthquake.
I hope this information was useful and stay tuned for new information from me!

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