Just a FLOOD of new information

Ancient Greeks believed Poseidon controlled the waters of the world. He controlled the oceans and tides, rivers and lakes, rains and floods; floods that could show his wrath and sweep away whole country sides.
We now know with modern science that as tectonic plates pull apart, crash together, or slide past each other they cause landscapes to form that facilitate flooding. One of these landscapes is the Horst and Graben complex. Earthquakes (to learn more about earthquakes see Emily Godin’s (2019) and Bailey Estes’ (2019) posts) cause faulting that raises mountain ranges and drops the ground to form a bowl shape with water flowing down hill from the horst into graben.
As winter monsoons hit the islands, Santorini springs to life with shades of green. Though danger lurks in the form of flash floods caused by run on from the mountains above due to the Basin and Range landscape of the island. When I came to the island, I saw signs of many other geologic hazards that plague the volcanic islands from time to time. It took some time to find the signs of flood waters that cause damage more often than the volcanic fires they quench.
Much of the island is covered by loose, light materials that are easily eroded away by flowing waters. I took this picture of small pumice pebbles on a hill side of the Akrotiri Peninsula, those much of the island is made up of this material both in this loose form and pressed together into hills and cliffs.
Since Santorini is an island, there is constant threat of tsunamis (to learn more about tsunamis, look at Sierra Gleason’s (2019) and Kaela Trujillo’s (2019) posts). These tsunamis bring in mass amounts of flood waters that can wash away whole towns, or in the case of this picture, tourist filled hotspots that require slow climbing down and over cliffs to get into, and get out of.
This map shows the areas of Thera at risk for flood, which is the whole island aside from the highest points such as Mount Profitis Ilias, the large blue colored area on this map. So while Santorini is a vacation spot loved by millions, it is also very likely to flood if a natural disaster, or Poseidon, were to will it

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