Reconstruction and Restoration: Preserving Ancient Artifacts

Preserving history is what museums strive for. People go through the galleries on a daily basis, always admiring different works. What some don’t realize is the amount of work that goes into preserving the artifacts and keeping them standing in their original positions



Each piece is made differently and handle in various ways. Although some of the images above may not be of the original work, the replica can be just as important.

One thought on “Reconstruction and Restoration: Preserving Ancient Artifacts

  1. Hello Zerebos,

    Your post is great because it reminds us of the planning and hard work that goes into preserving artifacts and sites. I’ve visited plenty of museums and perhaps have noticed when people are cleaning or reconstructing artifacts, but I haven’t given it enough thought. Thanks for that. Your post also shows that you’re thinking beyond what’s before you. You’re seeing a context and a purpose. Your writing will benefit when you include your pondering as part of your argument.

    I’d like to know about your experiences with these artifacts and sites. Are the photos examples of your favorites? What kind of preservation did you find most interesting or maybe, which kinds of preservation were knew? Did you find yourself examining how items were held up as well as the item itself? How do you interpret the purpose for preservation beyond having us see the original? I’ve read arguments that if we digitized ancient artifacts, we’d save $$ and we could peruse the artifacts online, at our leisure. Now that you’re there, standing a few inches from antiquity, what’s your insight into the need for or for the recognition of preservation? It’s your time there, your first-hand impressions, your ability to take in the sounds, scents, and how places are designed and organized that contributes to your writing. If you include more details and your personal reflection about your experiences, I believe that your posts will be that much more intriguing.
    I look forward to reading your next post.

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