Ancient Thera: The Spartan Fortress






1. “Ancient Thera” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, O1 June 2018. Web. 02 June 2018.

2. “Mt. Mesa Vouno” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 01 June 2018. Web. 02 June 2018.



2 thoughts on “Ancient Thera: The Spartan Fortress

  1. Hi Tib –
    I really liked your idea for this post. I think it would be greatly improved with 4 things: (1) an introduction to set the stage, (2) a map to show us where it is (this is a geology class after all, and (3) an explanation as to why that hill is so steep/high and why it is located there (part of our lessons) and (4) a conclusion.

    Rather than just telling about Ancient Thera, it also would be nice to bring your own experience into it. Talk about our hike, the wind, etc.

    For your next post, lets make sure all angles of the subject are flushed out in an outline.

  2. Hi Tib,

    Yes to all of the suggestions that Professor Skinner stated. Write for us, the jealous ones, who are visiting Greece and learning about various sites through your posts. Your post shows that you understand the narrative as it has an introduction, a logical discussion, and you provided a bit of history. This is great!

    Now write so that we can “see, hear, smell” as you are. As the writer, you’re the one who is our tour guide. Tell us what you’re experiencing, how the learning impacts what the image shows, and what conclusions we ought to consider. Whenever any of your learning includes food, by all means, include a photo or four.

    Hmmm, it’s lunch time in Flagstaff. Time to get off the computer.
    I look forward to your next post.

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