The Santo Feline Profiles

6 thoughts on “The Santo Feline Profiles

  1. Cute take on the narrative. I like the first person context. What would really have been nice is to add in some commentary on the state of strays on the island and how locals (not just Fanny Packs … ha!) treat them and try to control them (or not). Also, consider that introductory text (e.g., abstract or executive summary) really helps orient the reader to your story.

  2. This was really different from anything I thought of and I really liked it! There are so many cats here and i think it’s great that you organized them and personified them! You mentioned to me how they treat the cats and what they do at the end of tourist season and I think adding that in would have provided a little more to the story that would have been informative and left a lot of people thinking.

  3. I loved reading your cat profiles and enjoyed you taking each cat’s perspective to tell the story. Reading your first blog post after knowing you for a bit was great because it shows your goofy side and your personality is portrayed so well throughout. If I had to give any constructive criticism I’d agree with Jim on maybe giving a background to how and why there are so many strays here in Santorini, but overall great post!

  4. There was a missed opportunity here to provide perspective into island life, geography, and lack of governmental oversite (so many strays here…why?). For example, a map of the “typical” feline day would have been clever. I can imagine a map with zig-zags all over it showing a bit of the geogepahy of Fira and different places you’ve seen through a cat’s experience. For the next post, think critically about how to involve your own experices in the story and in this way you can enlighten our readers.

    1. Thank you for the feedback and I will make sure to incorporate my experiences into the next post.

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