The Cuisine of Greece

Every culture has its own unique cuisine, and it dates back to the very beginning of that country. For Greece, it dates back 4000 years and is a part of the history and culture of the country. Many of the ancient Greek foods are still present in the culture today; such as olive oil, white wine, wheat, and meat. I will be comparing the food in Greece today to how it was in the past, and how the food of a place can change within a culture. I will take you with me on a day’s worth of food in Athens, Greece.






4 thoughts on “The Cuisine of Greece

  1. Your entry was presented in a way where someone with no pre-exposure to Greek cuisine could become well informed about in this topic by the end of your narrative. However, there were a few grammatical errors within the caption of the first picture with regard to commas in lieu of periods that prevent the narrative from reaching it’s full potential. All in all, well done visual narrative.

  2. I liked that you told the story by going through a typical day. Also, I liked the history that was incorporated into the narrative. If a few more dishes had been shown for dinner, I think that would have shown the variety in the culture. Great job!

  3. Your story is short and to the point. I like how it references food in history as not a lot of people think about the origins of where a food comes from. The 3 meal order plus dessert was a good way to organize (only way really) and it showcased Greek cuisine quite well.

  4. This post could have easily been just pictures of food but you did a good job of including the history of the food where you could which really makes the narrative enjoyable to read. I learned something about my favorite coffee drink!

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