Imagining the past while walking through the present 

Imagining the past when walking through the present can be a challenging but inspiring learning experience. Being in a city that has a history that goes back thousands of years will have a lot to tell.

Learning from the past is the best way to have a better present and future. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

Three main eras through the Athenian time period will be visited and interpreted.


7 thoughts on “Imagining the past while walking through the present 

  1. I felt as if you treated the assignment as a historical tour guide (which may or may not have been your intention) and that allowed me to better comprehend what was in the photos and appreciate their long lasting history. You organized the photos in a way that was easy to follow and depicted them very well.

    1. Thank you, I was trying to show the new intertwined within the old because you don’t usually see that back in the states as much. It could be looked at as a historical tour guide as well

  2. I appreciate the introductory text for setting the stage of your narrative. Seeing things so old is humbling. I would have liked to have seen some “reflections” on past and present, as the title implies. The first pic of the marble walk to the Acropolis is perfect. Make sure you edit … Fig. 4 has some BC problems. Have fun!

  3. I think that you incorporated our edits very well and I now understand better how the statue of Zeus fits in to the story you wanted to tell. Lets put a plan in place for the next blog so that you can avoid the image problems that you had this time.

  4. I really enjoyed your take on the old vs new topic. I really appreciated that you took the reader on a journey through different eras and showed yourself walking through them. My only critique is that you could have had better pictures for a few of them. Such as the one of marble leading up to the acropolis, I think you should have had the Acropolis in the top of the picture. Overall, good job!

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