Petros: An Unexpected Journey

At around 1613 BCE, the island of Santorini had a cataclysmic event, the Minoan eruption. The caldera reached a VEI of 6 and the eruption column reached heights of up to 38 kilometers. This caldera forming eruption produced a 60 meter thick layer of pumice that blanketed the island.

One specific piece of pumice named Petros was born on this day. After experiencing a terrifying journey of being launched in the air and free falling for what must have felt like a lifetime, Petros came to rest. He resides on the Island of Thera, in the now town of Fira. It is at this place that his story begins…


6 thoughts on “Petros: An Unexpected Journey

  1. Interesting idea to use the pumice as a personified story teller; also clever to include it in each picture with a description of what it may be feeling from the new experiences. Only drawback I noticed from your well done story was that there was a typo in the caption of the second picture on the third sentence that disrupted the flow of the story a bit. Fix that and your entry will be spot on.

  2. Quirky and fun take on the narrative, especially in the pics and captions where you place your initial perspectives on being in Santo with that of the rock. The pic floating in the pool is weirdly funny and informative.

  3. I loved the picture of pumice floating in the pool! I think that says a lot about the characteristics of pumice and will be a surprise to those who think rocks only sink!

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