Opening a New Door

Doors lead to new adventures and the choice in door determines the outcome of the opportunity presented. This is my journey through doors discovering new, exciting, and sometimes scary experiences.



5 thoughts on “Opening a New Door

  1. You had a multitude of different colored, sizes, and styles of doors that portrayed a very diverse selection of doors in Greece. With each different kind of door was a different opportunity and section of your journey. Your visual narrative was well done. Good job

  2. I love the variability of doors (and stairs) in different places around the world, particularly in Greece. Thus, I really enjoyed this post. I like how you used each door to not only represent the act of encountering new things, but also the choices they represent. Watch the grammar … comma use in particular. Very nice pictures. Greece is so photogenic.

  3. The doors of Greece are one of the unique delights of the country. Coming from a country where most people have the same door from Home Depot, i thought this was a great choice of a topic that introduces our readers to the unique architecture here. Good work!

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