Journey to The Burning Island

As the last morning in Athens quickly approached I searched my mind for a possible idea for this undertaking of an assignment. I wanted something special to me that held importance for my time here in Greece therefore I chose to document and photograph our journey from the beautiful city of Athens to the bustling little island of Santorini. The trip held importance to me as this would be my first time traveling on a boat which seemed like such a far off idea just a few days earlier when I had been sitting in the dry desert of Arizona

6 thoughts on “Journey to The Burning Island

  1. Following you through our journey from Athens to Santorini was a good way to get a feel for your experience; and enlightening me to your thoughts and emotions on this journey makes me wonder what my own emotions would be if I were physically there. Your visual narrative incites wonder and excitement. Well done.

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I am glad that you enjoyed seeing the trip to the island through my eyes and reading my emotions during my travels.

  2. Great topic selection. The journey from Athens to Santorini via ferry must be dramatic and I think you conveyed the experience very well. I love the picture looking down from the hostel in Plaka … empty marble streets … so different from during the day. The map really emphasizes the journey (I love maps) and the field notebook showing Aegean tectonics is great (I like the definitions at the top). Perfect ending photo.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments I enjoyed photographing and documenting the route that the ferry would take. I also liked the photo looking out into the empty streets as it is such a drastic difference from the bustling little city below that balcony during the day. The map was quite fun to make as before we left I had no idea the path that the ferry would take and it was interesting to see the route.

    1. Thank you very much I was really excited to write this post as well as being able to incorporate some of the pictures I took while riding the ferry. I also liked the map and thought it was pretty neat to see the path that the ferry took.

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