Elements of the Earth-Athens

I traveled across the world for the first time to Athens, Greece with my study abroad class. The day we arrived my eyes were opened as if I have been blind to the world my whole life. As I got off the metro, the initial element that caught my eye was the curbs that were paved with marble. Then, I saw more and more floors, buildings, and everyday uses composed out of marble. I couldn’t believe it.

As time went on, I learned that the common building material was marble and limestone, and without analyzing too well, I automatically assumed that everything was made of these two materials. I was proved wrong and enlightened when I visited the acropolis museum and I saw many structeres made out of other mediums.

6 thoughts on “Elements of the Earth-Athens

  1. I rather enjoyed hearing about your enlightenment upon arrival to Greece. You told the story in a way that allowed me to walk beside you and envision seeing everything made of marble just as you had. The pictures help set the plot for what I may be seeing if I was there and you did a good job explaining each picture and the importance each object held to the ancient Greeks. The only thing I saw that should be fixed is a small typo within the caption for the picture with the sphinx. Other than that you did a great job, keep it up.

  2. Ken, I loved your use of photographs to tell your story! Perhaps next time go more into the geologic history of why marble/limestone is so widespread in the area. I really liked that you included your personal feelings as you arrived to the country and I found your analyzation of the different materials used very interesting. Keep on exploring and learning in Santo! I am so happy for this experience for you!

  3. The introductory text nicely sets the stage for the narrative. The pictures are a nice representation of not only the range of materials used but also the products created and the time (and skill) required. A diorite vase?! Whoa. Some additional caption commentary on material value, abundance, and use could really round out the pictures and provide a more complete story.

  4. Overall the story was interesting to see all the materials that were used by the ancient Greeks. I think your story would have been a little more complete with history of why they chose those materials, and why the diorite case amazed you. Also, there were a few grammatical errors and inconsistent tense in the introduction. Great job though!

  5. Your pictures look of professional quality and each had a great caption explaining the geology of each. Good job

  6. You should go through and fix all of the spelling/grammatical errors. It really takes away from the story (distracting to the reader). I would have liked to see more in depth research of all the materials. For example, you talked about where the copper and tin came from but not the other materials. This would have really solidified the narrative with a purpose rather than just showing photos of things you saw in a museum.

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