Built From Rock and Left in Marble

Out of all things to notice when first arriving in Greece, it was the marble curbs that initially caught my eye.

In the United States, people pay large amounts of money to have marble countertops or marble floors. There, it is a luxury to be able to afford marble products. Yet, in Greece, the streets in downtown Plaka are made out of slabs of marble. The floors in Athenian buildings regardless of wealth are marble. And many staircases in Santorini are also marble.

Here, most locals probably don’t think twice about it because marble is a commodity that is so widely used in day to day art and building techniques. But, a site like this is truly spectacular for the visiting American.

8 thoughts on “Built From Rock and Left in Marble

  1. Your blatant identification that marble is a luxury in the United States and a commodity for those in Greece really sets the tone for the rest of your visual narrative. Your first picture of the marbled street curb is (in my opinion) a good choice because something so luxurious to us being used in a spot that is expected to be warned and more or less destroyed emphasizes how common it must be to see marble in Greece. Well done.

    1. Thank you! It is a funky concept for me (using marble for all types of building purposes, rich or poor). Although it becomes very slippery when exposed to foot traffic, it sure does look beautiful.

  2. I really like this narrative. Good comparison of the common use of marble across Greece with the relatively sparse use (especially outdoors) in the US. The captions are well composed and nicely complement the pictures. The picture annotations and insets are a great touch. Good work!

  3. I think k you made a great point that marble in Greece is common, while it is a luxury in the U.S. I liked that you included inserts, but also that you used references for size in each of the pictures. I think this really helps orient the reader and help the, understand the scale they are viewing.

    1. Thank you Sheridan 🙂 I’m not used to using something for reference/scale, kept forgetting in some photos but luckily had enough for the blog! Definitely going to have to make it a habit.

  4. I really like that you spent the time to think out, edit, and annotate your photos. This really helps show the reader what you want them to focus on. When using photos of such a beautiful place, annotations really help direct what you want to show. I have to admit, when you first said you were posting about curbs, i didnt see how you were going to build a story out of it. I really enjoyed this!

    1. Yeah… you gave me a very confused look when I told you I wanted to write something about the marble curbs. But, I’m happy you ended up enjoying it! Thank you!

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