The Graffiti of Greece: A Story of Social Outlet and Unrest

Graffiti is found nearly everywhere in this country. From the upscale neighborhoods to the chaotic downtown, it dots the cityscape with messages about the great social unrest that turmoils this country. Amidst the mayhem, creativity and artistry also flourishes. Read through and experience what it may be like to face the problems of this fascinating place. No matter where I go in this beautiful country, the people of Greece will have something to spray paint on their walls.

4 thoughts on “The Graffiti of Greece: A Story of Social Outlet and Unrest

  1. Your narrative opens a doorway to the minds and ideologies of those who reside in Greece. You also explain what the art means to you but leave it to use the readers to also interpret it ourselves so that we understand it in a way that makes sense to us. The best way to explain art is to leave it to those who perceive to interpret it themselves. Keep it up, this narrative was done very well.

  2. Your introduction drew me into the story of graffiti in Greece. While we saw graffiti everywhere we went, you brought it all together and showed the dissatisfaction of its people and how they are voicing this. In the quote on your last paragraph you used “whole” meaning entirety and not “hole” meaning a depression in the ground.

  3. I would have liked to see a little more research on the social and economical struggles here. Perhaps as an introduction or conclusion you privide some insight into why you think all this graphitti is here. I do like the topic…and i wish i could read more Greek to translate the messages!

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